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 Your Turn Good Weekend Sydney Morning Herald 22 June 2002

Our experience is your guarantee of quality


"DAB have been advising us for several years with a no kid yourself approach . We appreciate this style as it has assisted us improve our systems hence bottom line performance........"


Apollo Window Blinds Mark R Managing Director


"I have found DAB to be accommodating and available to address both our business and personal financial issues. Our profession demands quality which we expect and duly receive."


Dr Larissa G Director


"Having recently appointed DAB after over 14 years with a previous accountant, now my business has access to business advice. DAB do more than simply preparing a tax return. I enjoy the fact that they visit me to see how and what my business does so I am not alone. ..................quite efficient in their dealings." 


Royal Cricketers Arms Hotel Daniel K Director


"I have engaged DAB services numerous times over the last 8 years. At times I have been very demanding on them as I have considered the purchase and sale of a number of businesses before finalising my selection. I am pleased to recommend their service with the highest regard. With so many struggling businesses on the market, they go to great lengths to ensure the business considered is sustainable, has the right structures and an all important cash flow. They also consider the fit of the business to the individual. They provide an all important sounding board and objective advice on a broad range of issues from tax, funding, accounting, marketing and company structure. Whilst providing access to funding, their ethics will not allow you to invest or be funded into any business unless its performance can be supported. I am indebted to DAB's services and trust that others will take advantage of this superior performance"  


Cam E Director Isoflex International Pty LTd


"DAB Financial Solutions provide exactly what they say. Clear Financial Direction. Principal Mark Bonney is professional, practical and accurate so we are very satisfied with the work provided to us. Compared to many accountants we have dealt with, Mark exceeds all others performance."


Alan P Director Patricks Marketing (Aust)  Pty Ltd


"As business advisers, we came into contact with several investors in the Karl Suleman shopping trolley "business" during August 2001 ("Froggy Went a-courtin", June 1). Upon discovering the nature of the agreement between Karl Suleman and the investors we duly notified the ASIC of what we encountered. We further provided an affidavit to ASIC. We thought all calls to the public to invest required a prospectus. Suleman's agreements were not in the form  of a prospectus. If you had seen the patently dud agreement that did exist, and assuming such agreements were being drawn up from 1999 on, then the speed with which our regulators acted should be questioned. The arrangement in our opinion, was left to continue for a period well beyond what anyone with any financial understanding would regard as reasonable. Maybe the wheels of bureaucracy move slowly, but those "investors" we encountered might have been protected if action had been taken sooner."


Mark Bonney CA

Director DAB Financial Solutions


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