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Tax is highly complicated


Tax law changes daily. This together with the complex nature of interpreting the Goods and services, income, Capital Gains, Fringe Benefits etc tax law creates pressure on business owners to get it right.


Advice is provided at 2 levels


Pre existing conditions


Identifying key tax issues that exist in your business is necessary and we regularly review those issues.


Undertaking new Transactions


Often as a business you will need to undertake odd or unusual transactions that are beyond your normal scope of activity.


For example, Selling a part of your business, employing staff and wish to offer salary packaging, buying a property and wish to hold that asset separately to the normal trading business, forgiving a loan etc.


Such unusual transactions conjure up various tax consequences. Hence it is important that those tax consequences are interpreted to ensure the correct tax liability is met.


Technical expertise


We have identified that it is important we have access to specialist tax advisers to support our advice. Hence we often engage those professionals to assist interpret the law that impacts upon your business.


Expect  more value from your accounting & tax service.


This site provides no advice - the comments are general in nature hence cannot be relied on as the circumstances of your situation varies case by case. You must seek individualised advice specific to you and or your business circumstances





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