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Superannuation and Investments


Most people spend more time planning an overseas trip then they do on reviewing their investments.


Superannuation is a form of investment restricted to accessibility in the long term. Besides tax concessions and restrictions on withdraws, it is no different to current or medium investment strategies .


As noted, financial conditions are not static - hence investments need to be reviewed and managed on a regular basis.


So how often do you review your investments? Do you know


  • how much is in your super?
  • Where are your funds invested?
  • Are the asset classes synchronised with your risk profile?
  • What is your risk profile? Has it changed due to age or financial conditions? When was it last reviewed?
  • Have you determined how much you need to save per annum in order to retire? fund you kids education?


Where are your investments now - turbulent economic environment


The financial environment has buffeted all investors of all ages. The best option is to take action now and evaluate the impact of what has happened to your investments and move forward with a plan.


Being realistic and a no kid yourself approach in these times is the best option - do not leave it hoping the problem goes away - as it wont .


Self managed Superannuation funds (SMSF)


Taking control of where your long term funds are placed has been encouraged by the emergence of the self managed superannuation fund. In market observations since the credit crunch, this topic has come to the fore front as an arguement that a self managed superannuation fund will provide you more control. 


What is correct for you depends on your personal circumstance but whether the funds remain in Managed or self managed , you still need professional advice for guidance. You also need to consider the cost involved in this structure as well as time you will have to provide personally to directly administer the fund. Timing of when you transfer funds into a SMSF must be considered as there will be a loss and or  gain in value as well as a tax impact.

Borrowing via Self managed Superannuation is now available but untested and the benefits must be assessed with an appropriate overall financial plan


Expect  more value from your accounting & tax service.


This site provides no advice - the comments are general in nature hence cannot be relied on as the circumstances of your situation varies case by case. You must seek individualised advice specific to you and or your business circumstances



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