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The correct finance package - Residential and Business


As accountants and financial planners, we understand business and personal finance hence it makes sense that we offer finance. We know how to not only structure the loan but assist you select the right product for your needs.


We can access all lenders and can place your deal to funders that will provide you with the most suitable product.


Such product choice means you will obtain the most competitive rates.


Independent - non product aligned


Our service delivery as a business is diverse. It is in our interest, as our  accounting and tax clients, to provide a product that is suitable to your long term needs. Hence before we consider refinancing as the only option, we assess your existing loan facilities to determine whether the suitability of your product is acceptable.


Product delivery


We can assist with financing* for;



  • Business purchases
  • existing business loans
  • factoring of debtors
  • Working capital, stock and business goodwill
  • equipment new and used



  • Home and investment loans


Expect  more value from your accounting & tax service.


* Product offerings and loan offers depend on your personal and or your business financial information. The lender selection panel approve the loans and we only act as brokers to present your case to them. Approval is therefore subject to parameters of those lenders.


This site provides no advice - the comments are general in nature hence cannot be relied on as the circumstances of your situation varies case by case. You must seek individualised advice specific to you and or your business circumstances



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