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Buying a business


Have you heard on the radio recently, a well known personality promoting the purchase of a business that would guarantee $100K wages in the first year?


Do not be fooled - any business purchase involves an analysis of the ability to provide you a return on your labour (wages) but also an appropriate return on the $ investment made to acquire the business.


We assist clients with the decision to acquire a business. We are auditors and can financially validate the business and its performance to ensure you get the correct return on your labour and wages.


Selling a business


You need to ensure that the business is presented in a manner that removes the purchasers doubts about buying your business. As accountants we know what a buyer of the business (and their accountant) will want to validate the purchase.


We look at ways of maximising the sale value and this is based upon getting the business ready for sale.


As brokers who are also accountants we have the distinct advantage to mediate directly and effectively for a faster transaction.


Expect more value from your accounting & tax service.

This site provides no advice - the comments are general in nature hence cannot be relied on as the circumstances of your situation varies case by case. You must seek individualised advice specific to you and or your business circumstances  


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