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In these current economic conditions, business owners need to interrogate what your financial information means and how the business needs to adapt to the perpetually changing economic environment.


ASIC figures show :


The number of companies entering some form of insolvency administration in the 12 months to April 2012 was 10,918. That is the highest rolling year on record for Australia. It is a 12% increase over the previous year and a 24% increase over the average of the previous 5 years.


That of the failed companies in 2007 - 08, 51% failed due  to inadequate cash flow and 43% failed due to poor strategic management.


We provide regular real time business

financial analysis to  assist you protect and improve your business profit and personal wealth. 



"DAB has been providing accounting & tax advice to us for over 12 years. Their diversity of services range from initial management buy out advice to advisory support we receive on a monthly basis.

As there are several directors involved with often conflicting objectives, DAB mediate to ensure we remain focused on our business objectives.  

Manufacturing is a competitive environment and DAB are skillful during both the tough cash flow times as well as the profitable ones"


Darryl O Managing Director

Manufacturing Co

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Either you understand and control your business or someone else will


For your business to thrive and survive you need to understand what the numbers of your business are telling you in order to change, adapt or continue what you are doing.

Not only what the information means now but what the future holds for your business. You must adopt a foward view of your business.

Otherwise our experience tells us that you may run the risk of financial problems.


 Virtual Financial Controller/CEO


Businesses of whatever turnover must access a higher level of expertise in order to succeed. Not only does it improve survival but it focuses on increased profit and cash flow. This service will deliver performance to your business.


Total solution - we satisfy all your financial needs


Strategic planning

Retirement and wealth planning

Business succession




 Business insurance

 Personal insurance

Retirement and Superannuation



Help my Business is in Trouble!

If the cycle of your business is such that you are in difficulty with your creditors, ATO, shareholders, etc we can assist turnaround your business or advise appropriate exit strategies to support you in difficult times.


Strategic planning and corporate advisory


  • our no kid yourself approach will provide clear financial direction to you and your family;  
  • Such advisory and planning is part of our normal accounting and tax service delivery;



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